Looking to join the team? Fishbox drivers are independent contractors looking for an opportunity to earn some extra money during their spare time. Our driver community consists of parents, students, entrepreneurs, 9-to-5ers, and anyone in between who's looking for a flexible work schedule. We've also answered some frequently asked questions toward the bottom of the page. Simply fill out the questionnaire below and we'll be in touch!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be doing as a driver?

You'll come to our office to pick up the deliveries for the evening and you'll use our app to know how many packages to deliver and to whom. If you know how to use Uber's (or Lyft's) app, you shouldn't have any issues with our app. 

How much does Fishbox pay drivers?

Fishbox pays drivers a rate of $20/hour. 

How often does Fishbox pay?

Fishbox pays out all wages on a weekly basis via direct deposit. Payments are initiated on Fridays and usually get deposited in your account on the next business day. We will also issue you a 1099 form around tax season. 

In what areas would I be expected to drive?

Our drivers only deliver within Center City and parts of North Philly that include Fishtown, Northern Liberties, and Kensington. You can also view our service areas here

Do I need to use my own vehicle?

Yes, and while we don't have any restrictions on the size of your vehicle, we do tend to give drivers more hours that have either an SUV or something larger. 

How often would I be expected to work?

Our delivery shift are between 7pm-10pm Mon-Fri and they're first come, first served. Depending on the number of packages for the day, you can expect to work either 2 or 3 hours on any given day.

Are there any phone requirements?

Yes, the software that we use is only compatible with an iOS or Android device. 

Will Fishbox pay for my gas?

Aside from the $20/hour rate, we don't offer any other payments for things like gas, insurance, or car maintenance at this time. 

How soon can I get started?

Upon approval, you can expect to be on the road is as soon as 2 days.