New Intern Alert - Evan Griffin

Evan Fishbox Intern

If you've received a package lately, you may have noticed a new face. That new face would belong to none other than our newest intern, Evan Griffin.

Evan is an awesome guy that is sure to bring some fresh ideas to the Fishbox team. Now that Evan is a part of the Fishbox family, we wanted to take a moment to share five fun facts about him.

  1. Although Evan is from Philly, he didn't have his first cheesesteak until he was 18
  2. During his free time, he enjoys learning about UX and Virtual Reality
  3. Evan is a huge Sixers fan. #TrustTheProcess
  4. Last Summer, Evan drove cross country from Philly to California. The whole trip took five days
  5. Him and his friends run a tech blog that talks about advanced tech and Entrepreneurs in Philly. You can check it out here

The next time you see Evan, show him some love and welcome him to the team :)