New Feature: More Narrow Delivery Windows

Every day, we ask ourselves a simple question - how can we make Fishbox easier to use? While we have many answers to this question, we usually like to listen to what you, our users, want, and one request that we get often is “can we get a more narrow delivery window”?

We get it, sometimes, a one-hour or two-hour delivery window isn’t enough. You may have an important event that you want to attend and while the package is important, you don’t want to wait around for it longer than you have to. So, today, we’re proud to announce both 30 minute and exact time delivery windows. Here’s how it works:

  • When we send you a text message to set up either a one-hour or two-hour delivery window, simply reply back with either a 30-minute or exact time window for delivery
  • We will reply back with a confirmation for that window
  • When we leave our warehouse, we’ll let you know that we’re on our way and send you a text with a link where you can track your delivery in real time

There are a few things to keep in mind for this new service:

  • This is a beta test for now, so there may be some hiccups until we can optimize the process
  • Windows are, as always, first come, first served. If you need a specific time (or 30 minute window) reply back to our initial text message as quickly as you can
    • If you’re expecting a delivery and we haven’t texted you yet, simply send us a text to request that window and we’ll lock you in
  • There are two different charges for this service. Please note that these charges are in addition to any delivery/oversized charges
    • $10 charge for a 30-minute window
    • $20 charge for an exact time window

As we mentioned earlier, you can start taking advantage of this service today. If you have any questions, feel free to send them our way here. We’ll see you soon!