User Spotlight  -  Elizabeth

Over the last year and change, many of our users have showed us an incredible amount of love. That love may have come in the form of a referral to a friend, a thoughtful review on our Facebook or Yelp page or even just a “keep it up” message after a delivery. We’ve gotten so much love that we thought it was only right to reciprocate. In our new User Spotlight Series, we’re going to highlight a user that’s just plain cool.

Today’s User Spotlight guest is Elizabeth (or Liza for short) and she’s one of our favorite Fishbox users.

Tell us a little about yourself in a few sentences (what do you do for work, what do you enjoy doing outside of work, etc?)

I am a healthcare attorney in the Philadelphia area. I love art, going to the gym and to concerts. I have a hectic unconventional schedule which is why Fishbox has been an absolute lifesaver!

How long have you been a Fishbox user and how did you find out about us?

I read about Fishbox on a local website when it first opened and signed up within hours.

How were you getting packages before you joined Fishbox?

This question assumes I got the package in the first place :)If I did receive the package, it would be after multiple attempts. If that didn’t pan out, I would drive (sometimes) to locations as far as the airport to attempt to track it down.

What’s your missed package “horror story”?

I live in a gated condo so it was inevitable that even if I would be home I would still receive a “missed package” notice. A Sisyphean task as the process would start all over the next day. Although this is terribly aggravating my horror story (like many others) would be when the packages got stolen. This is a daily occurrence in my neighborhood. Everyday I see frustrated people post on our neighborhood chat board about their packages being stolen. This is especially rampant on Amazon Prime days or around the holidays. If you call the cops they say “Ok Lady, so you got a couple packages stolen” and there is obviously very little recourse. When you look at this in context of whats happening throughout just my neighborhood this is theft on a large scale. Fishbox to the rescue!

What’s your favorite place to eat in Philly?

Gran Caffe L’Aquila and if I am lucky, Studio Kitchen.

What are some of your favorite places to shop online?


If you had to guess the number of packages that you’ve received since you joined Fishbox, what do you think that number would be?

I would be too embarrassed to tell.

If you had to make one suggestion to make Fishbox better, what would you recommend?

I really cant think of one thing! Its the best! Returning the packages would be amazing and rumor has it, that’s the next phase.

What’s your favorite thing about Fishbox?

Its the little things in life. This is one of those things. Fishbox makes your life easier and Napoleon always has a smile! I very rarely if ever write reviews and in this case I cannot say enough!