Our Package Return Service

Our first goal was to end missed/stolen packages by delivering your packages on YOUR schedule. While we were focusing on the initial goal, you told us about another issue that you had - what happens when you’ve received something that you’d like to return?


If you’re like us, there are times when you make an impulse buy and realize that you didn’t really need the item. Or maybe, the item that you received didn’t fit or it just wasn’t what you thought it’d be. When that happens, you have to make a journey all the way to the mailbox store, wait in line and end up frustrated all over again. Your time is valuable and it shouldn’t be spent standing in line. We’ve got your back!


Fishbox now offers a package return service to make your life easier.


How Does it Work?


  1. Box up the items that you’d like to return and tape it shut

  2. Print out and securely attach the return label to the box (Don't have a printer to print out the return label? Simply email it to us at print@getfishbox.com and we'll print it out for you, bring it to you when we arrive and we'll even tape it to the box for you.

  3. If we’re already making a delivery for you that evening, just hand us the package(s). If you don’t have a delivery scheduled for that evening, simply text us at (215) 908-6244 to request a pick up window. You can also visit our store if you’re in the neighborhood and drop it off there (free for those on the Ease Plan)

  4. We’ll return your package(s) the very next business day



How Much Does it Cost?



Our package return pricing is super simple. Each return is a flat $5 for up to three (3) packages.

If you’re a current customer, you can start using the service today. If not, you can sign up here. We look forward to serving you!